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Photography is an art of creating memories that speak louder than the words can speak. Wedding photography is something that every couple wants to be the best as it is going to be the lifetime memories for them. Wedding photography is one of our best photography services as we capture every single emotion so beautifully that every heart fills with the flashback of memories. Capturing every single moment of the wedding so beautifully makes us the most preferred wedding photographers in Pune. We also capture the moment when you are so lost in all wedding rituals that you are not even aware that you are being captured. Such click is also called as the Candid Click. From clicking pre-wedding clicks to traditional pictures and candid pictures, we have a team of expert pre wedding photographers in Pune who make sure to click every single picture of your wedding rituals.

Engagement & Pre Wedding photographers in Pune

There are certain moments in life that stand out above the rest…moments filled with enchantment, emotions and joy. Like engagement & wedding and family festivities. It takes a certain skill and passion to capture these endearing moments and to preserve them for all eternity. This is where we come in – a team of professional wedding photographers in Pune with the interest, expertise, and experience to meet the challenge of translating the occasion into digital, print and HD video. We give you a melange of candid pictures that reflect unguarded expression and conventional group pictures that showcase events and groups, in an exceptional album of memories.

We have been photographing such joyous occasions for over four years now, mingling with clients and their families and becoming their friends. If you’re looking for professional pre wedding photographers in Pune to cover a wedding or family event, do give us a call! We’d be happy to show you our work and discuss your requirements, as well as our customised wedding photography packages.

Make Your Event Memorable With –

  • Complete event coverage with Conventional and Candid Photography
  • All photographs in soft-copy format
  • One thematic album with 220 photographs (Optional)
  • Customisation of album (As applicable)
  • Soft-copy of the album in PDF format
  • High Definition video coverage (Optional)
  • One set of finished and edited DVDs (As applicable)

Types of Wedding Photography offered by our Wedding Photographers in Pune:

  1. Candid Wedding Photography: Candid photography is not a photography that asks you to pose, but it is a moment or emotion that makes it possible to get clicked itself. It is a natural type of photography that can capture the moment of happiness, feeling of sadness or feeling of excitement. This is the reason that candid photography has its own significance nowadays. Our wedding photographers in Pune are expert in capturing every candid click so perfectly that it fills your heart with excitement and happiness when you look at your candid clicks.
  2. Pre-wedding photography: Gone are the days when couples used to see or meet each other for the first time on the wedding day as the trends and thinking of people have changed a lot. Nowadays, people believe that wedding is a lifetime affair and therefore, it is important for them to know each other well before their wedding. This is the reason that every couple nowadays wishes to click their precious moments before their wedding in the form of the pre-wedding photo shoot. We have a team of wonderful pre-wedding photographers in Pune who don’t only click the best pictures of yours, but also add chemistry between you both by adding a short story to your pre-wedding movie.
  3. Traditional Wedding Photography: Traditional Wedding Photography is not at all a new concept. It is a regular type of photography where photographers approach you and give you the instructions to look here or there, up or down, and to smile. In this type of photography, the photographer asks you to pose for the pictures. Our wedding photographers in Pune are well-known for capturing the best traditional pictures from every aspect.

Why choose us when looking for Wedding Photographers in Pune?

We understand well the journey of Indian weddings and therefore, we cover each and every moment, attire, dancing steps, and rituals in a beautiful way. We know that the wedding is just not a union of two people, but it is a union of two souls and their families and therefore, we try to add a unique experience to your wedding through our out-of-the-box photography.

Let our wedding photographers in Pune capture your special and unforgettable pre wedding moments magnificently. Contact us now to avail the best photography services at the best prices.

Please Note:-

Candid and conventional photography are included in all our packages
We reserve the right to use any photo we click in your event for our magazines, online portals and social media channels

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