Shailaja Upadrasta

Shailaja Upadrasta reviewed Angad Joshi Photography — 5 star


It was our long awaited dream to get a family portrait shot. A beautiful picture adorning one of our living room walls.

A photography project spanning 3 generations, 12 individuals, all age groups, not an easy task. And to add to the complexity we wanted different themes for a few frames and different combinations.

To get the perfect frame we roped in Angad Joshi.

All pics shot at his spacious studio, we were absolutely thrilled with the frames. We were able to execute all the sequences we had thought.

Though the photo session spanned over 5 hours, Angad, assisted by his wife Swapna has his great ability to connect with everybody. So the hours just flew by.

We also loved Angad’s studio. It has ample space to shot & change at the same time.

All in all a great project executed and we are absolutely thrilled with the frames. A once in a lifetime occasion for us, beautifully captured. Here are a few frames.

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