Spoon & Lens – A New Beginning

So it’s official. We are starting a food blog. There is so much excitement that I’m actually finding it difficult to put it in words. But I’m still trying to express a small part of it.


We have known Angad for 3 months now and he is a glorious photographer. But more than a photographer, he is this insane foodie. And what better way to connect with people than a shared love for food. I remember clearly during our initial shoots together, as soon as he stopped clicking, the food talk would start. And I don’t know if people know this, but both of us (Deesha and Ashlesha) can eat our way out of almost anything.


Once, after a particularly tiring shoot day, the three of us finally had the chance to go out and grab a bite to eat. We were hungry and cribby but as soon as the food appeared in front of us, we attacked it like a pack of lions attack wildebeests! The only pause during the eating was to talk about what places serve what food.  Angad – being a food photographer – had a ‘Eureka’ moment (I think there was something mixed in his food). He said ‘Let’s start a food blog!’ There was a pause and then both of us said in unison “Why didn’t we think of this before!”

After that there was NO LOOKING BACK.


We will be coming up with something very exciting very soon…just be a little patient all you food lovers.

“The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating”
– John Walters