Keeping Camera Safe in Rains

in the blogCamera Equipment is always to be kept away from water and moisture. Best practice is to keep camera out of heavy rain. But there are times when avoiding camera usage in rain is not an option. You must keep following things in mind if you have to use your camera in rains.

If you are badly stuck in rains and were not prepared for it then the most rudimentary thing you can rely on is use of a towel or some cloth to cover your camera and lens. Consider this as the First Aid. This will give you some precious time to find out a shelter. You need to act quickly before your cloth gives way to rain and camera starts getting wet.

If you’ve used your camera in rains and it got wet then there are chances of moisture setting in the camera body and lens. In such conditions having silica gel pouches in your camera bag can make a lot of difference. Silica gel absorbs moisture. It helps dry your camera quick, eliminating any damage due to moisture and thus won’t let fungus set in.

After returning home / studio, detach lens from camera and keep body n lens under intense yellow bulb. Heat of this bulb will dry it up quickly. But make sure the room you are keeping your camera in is dust free. Dust and moisture can prove to be very deadly combination for your camera.

These are few tips to be considered in rainy season.

There are some products available in market which are to be used for rainy season photography. They protect camera from water, moisture and condensation. There are underwater photography accessories too. You can search for these online.

But the best practice is not to use your camera in rains. Instead, experience the rains with your eyes and feel the beauty.