Food Photography & Styling Workshop

This workshop quickly teaches you to start capturing mesmerizing food photos even if it is your first time holding a camera.
Social media has made Food Photography a big deal and it is proving wonderful not only to the photographers but to the food business owners. Photographs allow you to reach to your relevant audience quick and makes sure that your business sees growth.

Going with the workshop, we will specifically look at:

1. Why Learn Food Photography
Commercial aspects for chefs, bakers and also for commercial food photographers. Making loyal customers, gaining recognition, building profile, generating revenue.

2. Getting Started With The Components of Food Photography
What you need? Camera, Plates, Accents, Backgrounds, Light, Food.

3. Understanding The Camera Equipment
Understand your camera equipment, know its functions & limitations. No matter if it is a Point & Shoot, Mobile or a DSLR, be assured of delicious pictures.

4. Food Styling
Understanding the subject, adding colour, knowing food colour palette, avoiding clutter, using mute textures, Fresh ingredients, use of kitchen-wares, getting right sized dish, use of complementing food items, keep on adding layers as you go.

5. Scene Development
Playing with camera angles, choosing backgrounds, knowing the correct portion size, setting light temperature, getting light setup correct, Choosing HERO of the shot, zoom level.

6. Getting The Best Shots
Composition & framing, allow mess, making most of what is available, finishing touches.

7. Social Share
Best Practices online – Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram.

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