Capturing Flowers

Before you decide to photograph flowers, pay attention to these

  1. What is the point of Focus in your photographic frame?


Focal point also known as Point of Focus. Particularly flowers are subjects with multiple points of interests. They present you with colors, textures, patterns, shapes. Photographs can be framed differently and subjects can be focused differently to emphasis particular aspect of a photograph. Every subject demands different focal point.

  1. Best angle to shoot in order to get the best perspective?


Angles play vital role in photographing anything. When it comes with small subjects like flowers; angle plays role of defining perspective. Angles glue viewers to photographs. There are types of flowers such as long stem, short stem, bunches, single flowers, thin petals, thick petals and many more. Defining angle of clicking picture and angle of light can be crucial.

  1. Playing with depth of field (DOF) – shouldn’t be less, shouldn’t be more


One of the most important but mostly ignored part of photography by amateurs is depth of field. Object like flowers demand use of Depth of Field intelligently. While you choose focal point in your frame, you must also decide how much area around this focal point remains in focus. You can simply define / alter depth of field by making changes in the aperture opening (F-Number) of the lens. You get DOF less and you don’t actually show your viewers the best part of the subject. You use more DOF and you introduce distractions in your photos. Getting DOF right is utmost important.

  1. Is it required to add light on the subject?


Subjects which are natural should not ideally be lit artificially, but when the light conditions are really poor you can consider artificial light source. The angle at which you click photographs also define how the subject catches light. You click against the light then texture, color are almost lost; you click in harsh light then depth and contrast is lost. Perfect light makes perfect picture. Be patient while clicking, wait for perfect lighting. ‘Light and Exposure’ is the key.

  1. Distractions of background and foreground


When the flowers are in perfect frame and light, don’t forget to pay attention to the backgrounds. Flowers, if from gardens, can have lot of distractions in the backgrounds. Fences, walls, pots, water pipes and such similar stuff. One must frame in such a way that these backgrounds are not seen in the final photograph. These objects can prove to be the strongest distractions and take the impact away from your photographs. You can consider moving around your subject to eliminate distracting backgrounds or remove the distractions themselves.