6 Ways of Insulting Your DSLR

Here are some interesting ways of insulting that expensive DSLR camera you bought for no reason. Read on – 1. Always tell your DSLR that: ‘I bought you only because I have lots of money’ and that ‘I am not at all interested in using any of your features for better photography, I’m OK with[…]

Night Photography Tips

Tools Required: Tripod Wide angle lenses Lens hood to minimize lens flares Flashlight Your Imagination. Light plays the most important role in photography. Night is the time when you can play the most with artificial lights. It can be used to create mesmerizing images in form of light painting, light trails etc. Let’s learn about[…]

Capturing Flowers

Before you decide to photograph flowers, pay attention to these What is the point of Focus in your photographic frame? Focal point also known as Point of Focus. Particularly flowers are subjects with multiple points of interests. They present you with colors, textures, patterns, shapes. Photographs can be framed differently and subjects can be focused differently to emphasis particular aspect of a[…]

Landscape Photography Tips

Flowing water: This is one aspect of landscape pictures that give life to the otherwise still frame. Flow of water when captured in a frame looks milky white and produces matte texture. The trick to capture these flows is to slow down the shutter speed and let the lens capture the flow over time. If[…]

Bird Photography

Birds of Flight Before you start clicking birds, there are few points to keep in mind. Use a good zoom lens, at least 200 mm to get optically close to the object. Select AI Servo (focusing mode) in your camera for continuous focusing. Use a high shutter speed. If your lens supports IS (image stabilization)[…]