9 Photography Tips To Be A Better Photographer

  1. Always remember, costly camera isn’t the necessity but kickass photography skills are must. There are numerous examples of Point & Shoot owners winning prestigious photography competitions. All you need is the art and view to look at things differently.
  1. The way you handle your photography equipment tells a lot about your skills. Make a habit of handling your equipment in a better way than you handle your clients or their photography subjects.
  1. Know your camera. No matter how costly it is, it still has limitations. Find out and try working around those. If you know your camera equipment then you can push its limits and get the most out of it. Making your camera perform at its peak is very crucial.
  1. It’s OK to follow world class photographers but never mimic their work. The only thing that can set u apart is your unique genre. The moment you start following some photographer then it is very likely that you tend to click similar photographs and then your creativity gets stagnant. Avoid this at any cost.
  1. You can’t be a photographer if you can’t use your DSLR in manual mode. Learn to take control of your camera. Manual mode offers you complete control over exposure settings thus making you the artist. There is no fun in being controlled by the camera.
  1. It is good to know post-processing, but it is better not to use it. Keeping your work close to natural look is very important. One should not see artificial look of anything through your photographs. Showing reality should be the main purpose of photography as an art.
  1. Define your own photography requirements in terms of lenses and camera bodies. While packing your camera kit for a shoot, you first should define what you are going to shoot and carry equipment that is useful for that requirement. This helps you reduce the weight of your kit and makes you more flexible on the location.
  1. Lenses in your camera kit tell about the kind of work you do. Keep / buy lenses which aid your work. Unnecessary buying is wastage of money. Every artist has his own genre of art. Many photographers buy lenses or other equipment that will never be useful for a particular genre.
  1. Clicking in RAW is a huge advantage. RAW can make great difference in look and feel of your photographs. It offers tremendous control over editing and is completely lossless. You only need knowledge of processing RAW files and need necessary softwares. If your camera doesn’t offer RAW, never mind, you can still create wonders with JPEG.

Work on these Photography Tips and be a better photographer. You may also consider learning photography professionally.