6 Ways of Insulting Your DSLR

Here are some interesting ways of insulting that expensive DSLR camera you bought for no reason. Read on –

1. Always tell your DSLR that: ‘I bought you only because I have lots of money’ and that ‘I am not at all interested in using any of your features for better photography, I’m OK with Auto Mode’. You can also say that ‘You are a good piece of technology to carry and show-off’.

2. Use your DSLR in AUTO mode in all situations, so that you never give a chance to your DSLR to prove that it is better than a point-and-shoot camera.

3. Never do Manual Focusing and whenever your DSLR doesn’t focus on the desired object, you can yell on it n say ‘you are useless piece of hardware!’

4. Make sure you have kept the white balancing on Auto White Balance (AWB) so that you don’t get the real life like true-color pictures every-time. It gives you one more chance to blame that DSLR.

5. Never buy any accessories for increasing usability of your DSLR. Just curse your lens for not being able to click MACRO photos, the memory for not satisfying the heavy RAW needs and so on.

6. Don’t use RAW at all and shoot at low quality JPEG, try editing those shots with any photo-editing software. It generates bad results which can make public go mad on your photos, when displayed. So this time, it is the whole world that insults your DSLR.

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